Located on James Street N, Saint James provides excellent dining, coffee and service

Why  "Saint James"


Saint James is in honour of James Street with heavy roots on James Street and the surrounding area so it was an easy decision.  We feel like Hamilton is becoming such a hot bed because its a wide open plain of possibilities. If you have a pioneering spirit, some talent, and guts…you can do just about anything here. Whats happening right now in Hamilton is historic.

The primary driving force for Saint James had to do with wanting to be a part of what was happening in the city we love and most importantly giving the people what they deserve…great food, great coffee, great atmosphere and a staff with a sense of urgency and quality. Its happening in a lot of great businesses in the city and its had people stop, take a look, and start talking. We spent years honing ourselves in our respective areas of service, and all that while we knew we’d get the chance to do what we love in the city we love



(289) 389-6565



170 James St N          
Hamilton, ON L8R 2N1



M-Sa 8am–5pm
Su      9am–4pm