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Located in Hamilton Ontario, Saint James Provides excellent Dining, Coffee and Service. 

Why Saint James?

Opening Saint James had to do with us wanting to be a part of what was happening in our great city of Hamilton that we love. Most importantly we wanted to give you all what you deserve…great food, great coffee and a great atmosphere with staff that have a sense of urgency and quality.

It's happening in a lot of great businesses in our city and it has people stopping, taking a look, and starting to talk. We have spent years honing our craft in our respective areas of service, and all that while we knew we’d get the chance to do what we love. 



(289) 389-6565



170 James St N
at Cannon St
Hamilton, ON L8R 2L1



Mon-Sat 8am–5pm
Sun 9am–4pm


The products we serve are only as good as the companies we partner with.  We are proud to partner with the following;



Established in 2006, Transcend's business model is built on real and mutually beneficial relationships with the people who grow, harvest, process, source and ship green coffee.

Transcend's green buyer, Josh Hockin, regularly travels to origin — the countries where coffee is grown — to connect with the very best coffee farmers. These passionate, hard working farmers become our partners in the coffee business. We believe that establishing meaningful relationships with coffee producers, and other coffee professionals, gives us access to some of the best coffee in the world, in a truly sustainable way.

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Camellia Sinensis

Established in 1998, Camellia Sinensis is a Montreal based tea company committed to provide the purest, freshest, highest quality tea to the Western world through direct trade. They propose a modern take on an ancient art that retained the spirit of epicurean pleasure and exploration. 

Their constant mission to democratise tea, while offering an unforgettable tasting experience yields for an exceptional tea selection, carefully selected by the tasting team whom travel each spring to the tea gardens throughout Asia.

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We Believe...

in wild patience. 

in the heritage of hard work.

in serving others like we're serving our family.

in the seasons, and the bounty they produce. 

in every meal made from scratch. 

in quality coffee, perfectly roasted, perfectly made.

in a big love for the littlest details. 

Above all else..we believe in doing all of Hamilton.